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Microwava Bowl

2x Porcelain Microwave Bowl Set

2x Porcelain Microwave Bowl Set

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  • Prioritize health and style with our porcelain bowl set, crafted to perfection without harmful toxins or BPA.
  • Effortlessly reheat your meals with bowls designed not just for microwave safety but for superior and consistent reheating.
  • Infuse your kitchen with elegance and practicality using our one-of-a-kind Porcelain bowl set, a catalyst for engaging conversations.
  • Redefine mealtime with bowls that ingeniously prevent food from losing warmth, courtesy of the innovative plugged-hole design.
  • Elevate your serving experience with "The Kitchen Bowl Set" – thoughtfully sized at 7" in diameter and 2" in height, each boasting a 12.5 oz capacity.
  • Kids bowls dishwasher and microwave safe - Designed for the ultimate convenience, the ceramic material ensures that these bowls are designed for use on a microwave, and are also safe on dishwashers. Perfect for your busy mornings!
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